A Welcoming Space

Our brand contains a heart and with that we provide a loving and welcoming space for anyone in need of assistance.


We value each persons purpose and through rehabilitation many are able to live and thrive as they are meant to be.


Caring for others doesn't just stop at any particular point in the process, and with aftercare we ensure those who are helped continue to receive the assistance they need.

Providing Hope & Recovery
Alleviating poverty begins with education, the LIA House does so through it’s “Skills for A Living” project.

“Here at the LIA House (Laymen In Action) we expand networks for community activities for restoration purposes through bible studies, computer classes, ACT and after school tutoring, career counseling, food pantry, clothes closet, and summer academic programming.”

Elder Leo Tate
Founder & President


Years in the Community


Success Stories


Lives Changed

Learn about the LIA House

History of the LIA House

Elder Leo Tate, founder, and president established the L.I.A. House in 1970. Elder Tate saw a need to assist ex-offender and veterans in becoming productive citizens in their community and in the world of work. In addition, Elder Tate established transitional housing for the ex-offenders and veterans. Furthermore, the L.I.A. House professional, psychological and medical partners help the ex-offenders and veterans to overcome chemical and other illicit drug challenges

Mission & Core Values of the LIA House

L.I.A. House, Inc. mission and core values are to provide adequate total care services, including temporary and long-term housing opportunities, vocational and other rehabilitative assistance and employment and job placement advantages for homeless, veterans, at-risk youth and others within its clientele serving the greater Memphis and Mid-South Areas.

Impact on the Community

Since being in existing, the LIA House positively impacts its immediate community and surroundings communities. The LIA House provides essential services for replacing negative/destructive conditions with positive, productive choices and options for the entire community and the surroundings communities in promoting economic development, cultural awareness education health, safety, welfare, and spirituality

What LIA House brings to it's clientle

Elder Leo Tate (President) and the entire staff of the LIA House expands networks for community activities and community restoration. The expanded network of our community and the surrounding communities includes Bible study, computer classes, ACT tutoring, career counseling, afterschool tutoring, summer academic programming, food pantry, and clothes closet,

Our mission is changing lives.

By changing lives of those less fortunate, re-entering society from incarceration, or separation from the armed forces, connecting them to community is the answer

Along with integration or reintegration into the workforce, levels of skills and certifications need to be met, and we help achieve those goals.

In-Place Transition Assistance

We provide in-place transition assistance to allow for those in need to live independently in the community.

Training & Job Assistance

We provide training and job assistance to those in transition into the community with the skills and education needed in today’s workforce.

Lifestyle Focus

We guide lifestyle focus to shift from destructive habits towards more beneficial and long term successes.

Long Term Support

Our long term support program ensures those who complete transition with the LIA House have a foundation and resources to help them on their journey.

The LIA House Leadership Team

Trusted Leadership with Experience

We want to hear from you

We'd love to hear from you on how we can assist in transitioning, re-transitioning or event volunteering!

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    Impacting Our Communities for Change!